5 Tips to Review When Shopping for Payday Loans.

Payday loans can be expensive. It’s imperative to shop and compare loans before you make your decision. When shopping for a personal loan be sure to compare the advertised credit offers and the lender reputations. Here are a few tips provided by the Federal Trade Commission.

  1. It seems obvious, but be sure to look for the credit offers with the lowest cost. Locate the APR and any additional finance charges to determine the best deal.
  2. Some local community-organizations may offer small personal loans or a credit card may offer a cash advance that may meet your needs. Review the terms before you decide; some sources of funds may have a higher interest rate than others.
  3. If you are having trouble making a payment, contact your creditor or loan servicer as-quickly-as possible and ask for more time. They may offer an extension on your bills. There may be additional finance charges involved, ask for a complete list of charges are for that service.
  4. Create a budget that includes your daily and monthly expenses. Avoid any unnecessary purchases in order to build a savings. A savings plan can help you avoid borrowing for an emergency; if not reduce the amount you may need to borrow.
  5. Some banks offer overdraft protection on checking accounts. Bounce protections might cover individual overdrafts from electronic withdrawals or checks for a fee. Ask your bank about their policy and details on overdraft and bounce protection.


FTC - Online Payday Loans

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