Dynamics Inc. launches IoT digital credit card at CES 2018

Dynamic Inc. launched their first digital credit card similar to past tech touted by the now defunct Coin and newly acquired Plastc. Dynamics Wallet Card™ promises to provide easy access to multiple cards in one small form factor. Consumers can easily switch through payment profiles including debit, credit, pre-paid, multi-currency, one-time use or loyalty cards with the tap of a button. And in the event your card is either lost or stolen banks can now instantly delete a compromised card account number and replace it immediately with a new account number anywhere and anytime.

The card comes with its own cell phone chip and antenna that enables direct communication with the bank. At any time the card can be fitted with a new payment profile that adds to the all-in-one card functionality. When a card payment profile is selected the contact-less data is written to the card-programmable magnetic stripe and card-programmable EMV chip. Messaging can be sent to notify the consumer of purchases made and their remaining balance, if they used a debit or loyalty card. Consumers can also opt to receive coupons directly to their card to be redeemed at their next purchase or notification of a suspicious purchase and click on "not me" to have a fraud alert set and a new number issued.

The Dymanics' Wallet Card is a full telecommunications platform placed into the same shape and size as a normal credit or debit card and yes, it is waterproof. You can sign up to be notified when the Dynamics Wallet Card™ is available in your region.

Source: https://www.dynamicsinc.com

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