About Bonfiday

Bonfiday is a mobile and desktop application that connects consumers to financial institutions. With a convenient, one-stop shopping experience, Bonfiday provides a Marketplace for anyone looking for mortgage, automotive, personal, student and recreational loans, as well as credit card offers.

If you’re looking for credit, you’ve come to the right place.

Anyone can use Bonfiday. Whether you’re struggling to build credit or you’re a veteran of credit product shopping, search from a variety of both local and national participating financial institutions presenting their credit products and services.

Finding Credit is Easy on Bonfiday.

It’s important for credit to be there when you need it. There are a variety of scenarios that may require the use of credit. For example, you need to buy a home to shelter your family; you need a new, reliable vehicle to get from point A to point B; or a surprise emergency expense arises and you need the financial backing of a credit product.

Additionally, for students, you may be strapped with debt and need to refinance your student loans or you’re looking for loans that cover your expenses beyond federal student loans or grants.

Bonfiday was created to provide a frictionless, streamlined process for consumers to move from shopping for credit, to qualifying for credit, to accepting credit product offers.

Consumers can compare offer availability by providing their search criteria and financial institutions can connect with those consumers based on the criteria. Consumers can shop and compare based on a set of filters that they designate to pinpoint offers that meet their needs. For example, shop by rate, term, estimated monthly price, benefits, rewards and more.

In traditional credit shopping, consumers would typically engage in a tedious search that involved calling or traveling to the bank, auto dealership or other financial institution to inquire about existing loan offers and credit services. But in the age of mobile and desktop applications, convenience and ease of use go hand in hand. Consumers now have the choice of frequenting those financial institutions through the Bonfiday app, where we’ve gathered a dynamic database of financial institutions accessible right at your fingertips. Take a look—and search for a credit product or service that’s customizable to suit your specific needs.

Advertising on Bonfiday

Advertising brand lift on Bonfiday is easy and FREE. First, you’re going to need a Bonfiday Vendor account. The easiest way to request a vendor account is to fill out our online Vendor Application.

Vendor Account Access

The Bonfiday Vendor account provides access to the Bonfiday Vendor Portal, which enables the direct creation and display of credit product and service advertisements within the Bonfiday Marketplace.

Bonfiday currently supports the display of Home, Automotive, Student, Personal and Recreational Loans, Credit Card Offers and Company Information listing.

To get started advertising within the Bonfiday Marketplace, fill out our online Vendor Application.

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Bonfiday Credit ID Platform

The Bonfiday Credit ID Platform is Bonfiday’s blockchain technology solution that provides financial institutions with the ability to present and represent prequalified and prescreened offers of credit to authenticated consumers, across a limitless network of display partners. Our platform enables financial institutions to match consumers, across network domains, who are searching for credit using digital wallets and DApps (decentralized applications).

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